The 5 Basic States of (A HUMAN) BEiNG HUMAN

There are 2 types of people in the world.

Good people, which although many are misguided, are well meaning and good Intentioned, but the road to Hell is paved with good Intentions…

Then there are Narcissists. These are not good people, although they are very good at fooling many misguided (Dependant and Co-dependent) people into believing that they are good people.

“Evil is the creation of suffering for its own sake”, Dr Jordan B. Peterson.

There are 5 basic States or Traits of BEiNG which I will briefly explain here:

  1. Dependent – This is typically the Child state, as a Child does not have the tools yet to become fully responsible for their own BEiNG. They are Dependent on a Parent or a Guardian for their survival.
  2. Independent – Once a Child has received all the Knowledge and Wisdom it requires to survive Independently in the world, that Child becomes an Adult and can function Independently on their own, meeting their own Needs and Wants in a Healthy way.
  3. Inter-dependent – This is typically where two healthy Independent Adults interact to create win/win/win situations, through mutual Respect, Active Communication, and clearly defined and mutually beneficial Trade agreements (Boundaries).
  4. Co-dependent – This is typically where an Adult is incapable of BEiNG an Adult, and thus remains in a Childlike state of Dependency on “an-other”. Most Humans are in this state of BEiNG, they just do not realise it. “Other” can literally mean anything. A Partner, a Child, a Parent, a Mobile Phone, Social Media, Drugs/Alcohol, Trauma, Work, ANYTHING that distracts us from our True and Authentic SELF (the “i AM” state of BEiNG), and which we use at will for comfort and solace, but prevents us from BEiNG fully Independent and fully autonomous responsible Adults. A Co-dependent is incapable of fully realising their own Needs and Wants, and very often are incapable of even knowing what these are.
  5. Narcissist – The Narcissist will prey on the week and vulnerable and enslave them to serve their will. They are fundamentally flawed human BEiNGS, who in most cases, will never except that they are at fault, or need to change. In their minds eye they are perfect, and everyone else must bend the knee and service their will.

The Co-dependent has an extremely wide scale. The Co-dependent can be a Dependent adult in a childlike state (Submissive), or appear to be behaving like a Narcissist, in a very controlling (Dominant) state.

A Co-dependent relationship requires two Co-dependents, so Co-dependents will always seek out another Co-dependent as a friend or mate. They will repeat the same unresolved “Control Dramas” over and over repeatedly, hoping that each time, a different outcome will materialise. It will not, until one or both Co-dependents wake up and ask for help to break this cycle of suffering. Hence why most people are insane.

Einstein’s definition of Insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.” And, as Jim Jefferies puts it, “The thing about crazy people is, they don’t know they’re crazy. That’s what makes them crazy…”

A Narcissist will use all tactics available to them in order to achieve their desired result, which is to isolate their Prey from others, so that they become entirely helpless, and fully Dependent on the Narcissist for their every need. A Narcissist will not work to grow their relationships past a certain point, and once they have their Prey, they will slowly work to deskill their victim(s), thus reaffirming the Dependency of their Prey on the Narcissist.

You will typically never see a Narcissist, because they will morph their Personality (ALTER EGO) to adapt to each person and situation, and appear charming, helpful, willing, and attractive. This is all an act that requires a huge amount of energy, so they work to isolate their victim(s), thus only needing to appear charming on rare occasions.

A Narcissist is Evil incarnate.

I overcome my own inappropriate EGOiC Personality States by using My 2 Step | 12 Step Program of Recovery, because “i AMTHE CHANGE.

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